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I am currently a Graduate Accounting Student at Michigan State University. I love the Detroit Lions and support them everyday!

Is Titus Young the Real Deal?

This year has looked even better than last year for the second year wide receiver. His unique blend of quickness and great hands had made him a valuable part of the roster including a hail-marry catch to force overtime. I want to get my reader’s feedback about Titus, is he the real deal? How long do you think he’ll be on the Lions? What other WR from the past would you compare him to?

Louis Delmas on Monday Night

Gigantic game for the boys tonight. This is the game that either turns around our season and gives the Lions a real shot a winning the divisions…. or this game could be the point of no return. The Bears have been looking great this season, but our football team has the skills on the offensive side of the ball to take on even the stingiest defenses. Cuttler just isn’t good and its time that we prove it. Let’s hope the Lions can be the “bearers” of bad news for Chicago tonight on MNF. Personally, I look for Louis Delmas to play a big role in tonight’s win.

Off-Week Guest Blogger

Guest Post by Sam Small:

Its great to have a place to talk about the lions with fan as committed as I am. I have followed the lions all my life and consider myself a “super-fan”. I may make appearances from time to time in this blog to share my insights or just talk lions.

I think that this week was a much needed off week. The team needs a chance to regroup and attempt to salvage this season while they still can. With the pointless penalties and mental errors on both sides of the ball I think that the entire team just needed a chance to look at the problems from this season and address them. Hopefully, next week we send out a well rested squad who’s ready to win.


Many people look at the current Lions roster and see a group of trouble makers due to their previous off season. I for one didn’t think that the consequences from this offseason would be so apparent this early in the season. However, it is beginning to become clear to this group of guys might need a little more practice and discipline if they want to have the season we all had in mind.

(Photo thanks to The “d” Spot )

Defeated Again…

The Lions once again have suffered a defeat that leaves a terrible taste in their fan’s mouths. It was a well fought game but ultimately the Lions were let down by their terrible special team’s play. Allowing the opening kick-off to be returned for a touchdown and later letting up a punt return for another TD in a 13-20 point loss.

I think that in times like this it is important to show your support for the team. The lions are a good team, they just don’t act or play like it.Score Board